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Fatsack Fails at Twitch Streaming

Fatsack is a variety streamer on Twitch. Since 2015, he's been playing games and entertaining online.

Honestly Fatsack is pretty terrible at most games he plays, but it's through these failures you can find enjoyment and entertainment.

Enjoy interacting with the small community he's built, and collaborate with him to have your audiences mingle to form an even bigger community!

Fatsack Fail Emote

About Fatsack

Fatsack's Portrait

I started streaming as a way to scratch an itch that I could no longer scratch in the real world due to busy schedules and other time factors. I come from a theater background, having done musical theater in high school, and I tried to pursue that further after graduating. Unfortunately, due to high costs and having to fend for myself, I could no longer afford the time and money needed to be involved with theater productions. Streaming on Twitch allows me to have that moment in the spotlight again, with less time and money that has to be invested up front. It also allows me to be the attention hog that I so desperately have to be.

I've taken a casual approach to streaming, with a fairly laid back attitude for everything involved in it. I'm not a pro-player in any sense of the word, and very often fail miserably at the game at hand. I don't get angry very easily, so I try to turn my failures into the audience's entertainment. We keep a tally of how often I've died, and hand out chat points for spectacular fails. My rules for my channel are pretty basic: treat others how you would like to be treated. We may act immature and have foul language occasionally, but the main thing to keep in mind is mutual respect: for me and for everyone in chat. I don't have trolls too often, but even when they crop up it's never been a travesty. I don't let things get to me, and I know how to time people out, and that's usually all that comes from it.

I enjoy streaming RPGs, and if there isn't a whole lot of spoken dialogue in a game, I like to read the text out loud with different voices and turn it into a performance. I also enjoy modding games like Skyrim and Fallout. Probably a little too much, because I always seem to break them before properly getting to play them. I've never been a big fan of multiplayer games in the past, but my community has slowly pulled me into it a bit more, so I enjoy playing games now with other streamers or with people in chat.

When I'm not streaming I'm usually looking for ways to improve my stream. Since becoming a Twitch Affiliate, I've spent way too much time designing emotes, overlays, alerts, webpages, sound effects, and more. I also dabble a bit in drawing and have done streams in the past of drawing artwork for supporters of the channel. I enjoy learning how to make things work with a trial and error way of doing things.

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How to Support Fatsack Gaming!

The best way to support Fatsack Gaming is to continue to show up for the streams! I'm currently working towards the goal of Partnership, but it's a long road ahead. The biggest thing that separates the little streamers from the big leagues is viewership! The more eyes watching the better, so anything you can do to help that is appreciated. That includes hosting the stream, interacting with me on social media, and telling your friends about Fatsack Gaming.

If you want to spend your money on Fatsack Gaming and help support the growth of the channel on Twitch consider becoming a Subscriber or using Bits to Cheer! This supports Fatsack Gaming, and tells Twitch that they should pay attention to me and consider me for the Partnership Program. You'll get access to Sub only emotes, and badges that appear next to your name in chat! Bits you Cheer with also grant you special chat badges depending on the amount.

Twitch Prime members get monthly exclusive deals, including free games, in-game loot, and the ability to sub to a channel for FREE every month. You can use your Twitch Prime Sub to support the channel every month for FREE and still get all the bonuses!

Another way you can support the channel is by gifting games! Lots of generous people have gifted me games through Steam or Humble Bundle! I try to play all of the games I get gifted on stream, but it can be difficult to keep up sometimes. Regardless it ensures that there's always a game to play during the stream.

Some people have also gifted the Humble Monthly Bundle by purchasing the bundle and sending me the gift link. Gifting games from the Humble Store is great too. This is a great way to not only support the stream, but it supports charity as well!

If you want to use your money and support me more directly, you can make one time donations through Streamlabs or become a Super Subscriber on Patreon! These options go directly to me and I receive a larger portion of the amount given with very little fees along with it. Many people have given in this way already, and I'm eternally grateful that anyone would be so generous.

I also have a merchandise shop set up where you can buy Fatsack Gaming related merch! T-shirts, mugs, prints, stickers and more are all available in many sizes and colors. Rep Fatsack Gaming while you're out and about, all while supporting the channel!